Eligible Borrowers:

Enrolled members of the Seneca Nation of Indians, corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures in which enrolled members own a majority of the ownership interest and are active in the conduct of business. While preference is given to enrolled Seneca Nation of Indian members, consideration will be given to other Federally enrolled Native Americans as long as they are supporting a Seneca family and there is sound business justification for economic development on Seneca Nation of Indian Territories or employment thereof.

Eligible Locations:

The area served by SNIEDC shall generally be within Seneca Nation of Indian Territories and geographical areas surrounding. While preference will be given to borrowers whose business will be conducted on Seneca Nation of Indians land, consideration will be given to eligible borrowers whose businesses are operated, in part or whole, on non-Seneca lands so long as a sound business justification is provided for the off-reservation location(s).

Use of Proceeds:

Loan proceeds may be used for the acquisition of business property (land and buildings), construction, renovation of real property, purchase of machinery and equipment, purchase of furniture and fixtures, and the purchase of other tangible personal property used in a business. Funds may also be used for general working capital purposes including job-training activities.


Required for loans over $50,000; loans under $50,000 will be reviewed for collateral requirements.

Business License:

Required for businesses on territory. Contact the SNI Business Permits Office, located in the William Seneca Building, for more information. Phone number for the Permit Office is (716) 532-4900 ext. 5035.

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