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SNIEDC’s Mission

Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Company (SNIEDC) supports Community Development by providing Financial and Educational Solutions for Consumer and Business lending, to eligible enrolled tribal member(s) on Seneca Territory and surrounding areas.

SNIEDC’s Vision

The Vision of Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Company (SNIEDC) is to provide Financial Stability and Equality of Life for the next Seven Generations.

Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Company (SNIEDC)

SNIEDC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization chartered in 1993 by the Seneca Nation of Indians Tribal Council. SNIEDC became certified as a Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) to provide loan products and services to the Seneca membership in 2013. A CDFI is a specialized financial institution that works in market niches that are underserved by traditional financial institutions.

Board of Directors

SNIEDC’s Board of Directors are appointed to three-year terms, or until qualified successors have been elected. Each Director must be at least twenty-five years of age. Individuals who are non-Seneca may be Directors; however, the majority of all existing members on the Board must at all times consist of enrolled Senecas. The membership of the Board overall shall be representative of the enrolled Seneca community at large and may meet one or more of the following criteria: representatives(s) from banking/financial institutions, legal and accounting professions; representative(s) from tribal government institutions (i.e. executive, council, cabinet and directors); representative(s) from civic and community organizations; representative(s) from business/corporate institutions; and representative(s) from community development and housing organizations.

No more than two Tribal Council members can serve on the Board, and no more than one Executive of the Seneca Nation can serve on the Board.

No Employee of the company may serve on the Board.

Current Board Members

  • Nancy Williams, Chairperson
  • Joshua Howard, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Debbie Franco
  • Derrick Jimerson

Loan Committee

The Board of Directors created the loan committee with the following powers and duties:

  • evaluating the loan application process
  • determining approval limits for Loan Committee and Executive Director levels
  • expediting loan approval process
  • and any other responsibilities as defined by the Board

Loan Committee Members

  • Jordan Garrow, Chairperson, SNIFCU Assistant Manager
  • Lucille White, SNI Director of Community Planning and Development
  • Derrick Jimerson, CPA, SNI Director of Investments and Audit
  • Lyman Buck, Key Bank SVP Commercial Relations Manager (retired)
  • Joshua Howard, Learning & Development Manager, Seneca Casinos 
  • Jamie Pierce, General Manager – Allegany and Cuba, Seneca Gaming and Entertainment
  • Mark Halftown, Finance Manager, SNI Housing
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Our Staff

Jonathan A. Zurek

SNIEDC Executive Director

[email protected]
SNIEDC: (716) 945-7148
Cell: (716) 289-2403

Annie Tallchief

Business Strategist

[email protected]
SNIEDC: (716) 945-7148
Cell: (716) 801-6871

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