Free Online Financial Education Resources

Financial Education Resources

Practical Money Skills is a free online resource that covers general topics from Credit Cards, Debt, Budgeting, and Banking to more specific topics concerning life events, such as saving for college, renting an apartment, and planning for retirement. This is a good resource for understanding the basics of personal finance.

Cash Course is a free financial education resource for college students, but the material is applicable to everyone, but if you have a child planning on attending college soon, this resource would be a good place to start. Some elements require registration.

Khan Academy is a completely free online school with videos ranging from Algebra to the French Revolution. The Economics and Finance section provides a very good understanding of basic issues of personal finances and economics generally. You will learn about Debt, Interest, Banking, Investments, Insurance, Retirement, etc.  all in very easy to watch 10 minute YouTube videos. Registration required.

Ignitespot – Accounting & Personal Finance Basics is another great website to find links to resources around the web for topics such as personal finance, accounting, small business accounting, becoming an accountant, and financial literacy for kids. offers financial literacy resources on various topics including Budgeting, Student Loans, Real Estate, Business Finance, and Retirement. has free downloadable business forms in the following areas: Asset Protection, Business Finance, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Management, Firing and Termination, Government Contracting Forms, IRS Tax Forms, Marketing, Recruiting and Hiring, Starting Your Business, State Tax Forms, Worker Safety, Vehicles and Equipment.

The Patent and Trademark Office has made the process of researching and applying for trademarks fairly simple through the Trademark Electronic Application System.

Credit Score and Credit Repair Resources offers a free program to guide you to repairing and improving your credit.

The Federal Trade Commission website has information to improve your credit yourself as well as how to avoid fraudulent “credit repair” services.  is another resource for understanding your credit score.

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