Micro Business Loan

The Micro Loan Program is intended to address the needs of small enterprises. The particular features of the Micro Loan Program are listed below:

Micro Loans Approved
Fixed Interest Rate
Term of Repayment
up to
5 years

The Micro Loan Program (“Micro Fund”) is intended to address the needs of small “Cottage” type enterprises.

For more information about the Micro Loan, download our Product Description here.

2 thoughts on “Micro Business Loan

  1. …I am starting my business legally now and i want to apply for a business loan,but the thing is my credit is extrememly bad but my business will prosper greatly how do i apply

    1. Your credit score is only one component we consider when reviewing an application. Your debt-to-income ratio as well as the loan-to-value (based on the amount of collateral securing the loan) are used to determine creditworthiness – so don’t let a bad credit score deter you from applying. All of our applications are on the website: click on the “Loan Application” tab on the top menu. Micro Loans are up to $25,000; Business Loans up to $250,000; Commercial Mortgages (for real estate purchases) are up to $375,000. Call our office or stop in for any questions.

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