Micro Business Loan

The Micro Loan Program is intended to address the needs of small enterprises. The particular features of the Micro Loan Program are listed below:

Micro Loans Approved
Fixed Interest Rate
Term of Repayment
up to
5 years

The Micro Loan Program (“Micro Fund”) is intended to address the needs of small “Cottage” type enterprises.  The Micro Loan is also a great way to build your credit score.

For more information about the Micro Loan, download our Product Description here.

SNIEDC’s Development Services partner, the Seneca Nation of Indians Center for Business Growth Small Business Incubator (SBI) Program provides free one-on-one counseling through the development of your business plan to ensure that you are on the best footing when you begin your business.

Contact the staff of the SBI at the contact information below:

Small Business Incubator Program
Community Planning and Development Department
Seneca Nation of Indians
William Seneca Administration Building
12837 Route 438 | Irving, NY 14081
716-532-4900 ext. 5057 or 5139

2 thoughts on “Micro Business Loan

  1. …I am starting my business legally now and i want to apply for a business loan,but the thing is my credit is extrememly bad but my business will prosper greatly how do i apply

    1. Your credit score is only one component we consider when reviewing an application. Your debt-to-income ratio as well as the loan-to-value (based on the amount of collateral securing the loan) are used to determine creditworthiness – so don’t let a bad credit score deter you from applying. All of our applications are on the website: click on the “Loan Application” tab on the top menu. Micro Loans are up to $25,000; Business Loans up to $250,000; Commercial Mortgages (for real estate purchases) are up to $375,000. Call our office or stop in for any questions.

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