Commercial Mortgage Loan

SNIEDC gained approval from Tribal Council in 2015 for the Commercial Mortgage Guidelines which provide a leasing structure on real property within the Seneca Nation Territories.  Traditional lenders will not enter into commercial mortgages on tribal land, due to tribal sovereignty, they are not legally able to foreclose on the property should the loan fail. Because SNIEDC is chartered by the Seneca Nation of Indians, it is uniquely positioned to be able to make secured commercial mortgages on tribal land. SNIEDC borrowers can purchase property on territory for a business or leverage their current property for financing.

The Commercial Mortgage Loan is intended for business property acquisition of land, buildings, new construction and renovation of real property on the Seneca Nation territories. The particular features of the Commercial Mortgage Loan are listed below:

Loan Limits
Fixed Interest Rate
Term of Repayment
up to
20 years

For more information about the Commercial Mortgage Loan, download our product description here.

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