Board of Directors

SNIEDC’s Board of Directors are appointed to three-year terms, or until qualified successors have been elected. Each Director must be at least twenty-five years of age. Individuals who are non-Seneca may be Directors; however, the majority of all existing members on the Board must at all times consist of enrolled Senecas. The membership of the Board overall shall be representative of the enrolled Seneca community at large and may meet one or more of the following criteria: representatives(s) from banking/financial institutions, legal and accounting professions; representative(s) from tribal government institutions (i.e. executive, council, cabinet and directors); representative(s) from civic and community organizations; representative(s) from business/corporate institutions; and representative(s) from community development and housing organizations.

No more than two Tribal Council members can serve on the Board, and no more than one Executive of the Seneca Nation can serve on the Board.

No Employee of the company may serve on the Board.


Francisco Seneca, Chairperson
Lucille White, Vice-Chair
Nancy Williams, Treasurer/Secretary
Brenda Deeghan
Debbie Franco
Derrick Jimerson
Victor Redeye
Kevin Printup
Councilor, Robert Jones                                                                                                                    Councilor, Angie Kennedy

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